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Nordre: Saberstar
Ebony domestic tomcat with creamy fur on most of back covered in dark splotches and a stripe. White muzzle , light ebony front paws and normal back paws.

Wiest: Briarstar
Brown tortoiseshell she-cat with tan and lighter brown markings, and black and orange spots. Pale blue eyes.

Erste: OPEN

Sluth: OPEN


For all types of cats needing to stick together to suvive these extreme habitates, Mountains, Marshes, Deserts and Coastline. All cats need to learn how to trust in their clan and learn what loyalty is to suvive out here! Death is common and friendships hard but as long as your clanmates are loyal to one another the cats of ATCH can suvive. -Predators here are bigger than foxes and fiercer than badgers. Snow leopards prowl mountainsides and Pumas ambush in the desert rocks! These are new times and cats will have to learn every trick they can to keep their clans alive! especially against each other.

Bravery points!- Cat will gain these every dev you submit demonstrating skill in a fight
speed points!- Cat will gain these every dev you submit demonstrating skill in speed
Litter points!- Cat will gain one from each litter they create (Male and female)








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Read guidelines and rules before attempting to join


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If you are wanting to join a certain clan, please begin by filling out the corresponding reference  sheet, post it, and then link it inside your join request along with Clan name you are wanting to join and rank you are wishing to become.



1.) Read every rule before you join. I mean it. I'm not writing this stuff for no reason, you know...

2.)  Check the Name List to see available names.  Names must be natural names, such as Bluestorm or Snowfrost; nothing out of the ordinary like 'street' or 'shoe'.

3.) You can only roleplay 20 cats at a time. If you wish to add another cat besides your first one, send a note to the group with the title as the clan you are wanting to join.

4.) There will be no weird or unnaturally colored cats allowed into the group.  Eye color is only limited by your imagination...however, no rainbow colored eyes (duh).

5.) No Clan will have any two cats with the same name. Please check the name list before deciding upon a name for you character.

6.) Each cat has the opportunity to be promoted (kit to apprentice, apprentice to warrior, etc.) but each cat must complete a different amount of tasks. Also included is the amount of time required to pass before each cat can be 'upgraded'.
- Kits: Three tasks of everyday kit life (to become an apprentice)
-Kits: Must remain kits for at least 2 weeks real time (to become an apprentice)
- Apprentices: Four tasks: Two tasks of everyday apprentice life and two tasks assigned by your mentor (to become a warrior)
-Apprentices: Must remain apprentices for at least 3 weeks real time (to become a warrior)
- Warriors: Five tasks: Two tasks of everyday life, two tasks mentoring, and one patrol (to become a senior warrior)
-Warriors: Must remain a warrior for at least 4 weeks real time (to become a senior warrior)

7.) Keep things to a PG-13 level.  Blood and gore is fine but nothing over the top. Afterall; Scourge did in fact rip out Tigerstar's intestines in the book series...However, this is considered a bit much to some so please keep it down for their sakes. Please also stay away from harsh language. Respect those around you and do not flame up at them. If you have a problem, note me WesternFreckles and I will help the situation as best I can. You can, if you like, do however intimate or bloody you want in private roleplays; just stay away from publishing those~

8.) NO TEXT SPEAK. Please. We are a literate roleplay group. CUZ SRSLY DIS SOOOOOO ANNYNG AND STUFF. I mean, come on people, you're smart...Use it~ It makes everything so much more interesting and fun <3 I promise~

9.) No god-modding. Please. This can also get extremely aggravating. Apprentices cannot take on a badger or coyote without help from an experienced warrior patrol. Seriously. And they will get hurt and maybe die as the smaller ones are what the predators go for first, most times. Please be realistic in roleplays.

10.) Only five queens can be in the nursery at a time with four kits max alive per litter. Note the group with the name of the mother, father, and Clan and I will roll a die and tell you how many kits will survive. You may choose the genders if you so desire. Under no circumstances are you to create a cat only to  be another cats mate...this is not fair to other members as you are highly ripping them off. Seriously, give someone else a chance. Mates must also be roleplay by two different people~ This also brings up romance; I will allow only 3 cross-clan relationships as long as they are kept secret-these are supposed to be forbidden. And ALSO, female medicine cats CAN have kits, as long as their apprentice is ready to take care of the Clan by themselves. Tom medicine cats can, of course, have children because it does not hinder their work all that much.

* If you have read all of the above, please comment saying: Dragon's Blaze.
** Please let me know below whether or not I have not defined something clearly.
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Boushii Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dragons blaze
Boushii Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanna join :D
Xtimeszero Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Dragon's blood.

This seems like a great group to Roleplay in, But I am Slightly Confused.
If there's no Cross-Clan Mates, How did the clans become, Surely there must be SOMEONE who broke the Rules.

And I get it, and I wish to Join c:

But can you answer My first question?, Bye now, Time to look through all the journals to do my research <3
WesternFreckles Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Actually, we've changed around a few things. Be sure to reread everything and let me know if you're still interested in joining <3 We'd love to have you!
AmxBri Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dragon's Blood.

I would LOVE to join this; it seems really intense and realistic, and I love warrior cat role play! However, how does the reference sheet work?
WesternFreckles Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Actually, we've changed around a few things. Be sure to reread everything and let me know if you're still interested in joining <3 We'd love to have you!

Just create a character and place it on the reference sheet of the Tribe you would like to join.
Faithypooh Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Holy flupping fluppers. ;o; This looks really awesome <3
WesternFreckles Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Wanna join?~
J-J-Kuro Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
may i join this :)
DancingfoxesLF Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Yup! were open now ;3 Make an application sheet first then note us and we'll send you an invite :iconspazhugplz:
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